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Buddha & Me in Sedona, Arizona
Buddha & Me in Sedona, Arizona (photo by Liberty Lincoln)

In this space I intend to delight you, to educate and entertain you, to surprise you — and to surprise myself.

I am a writer. I have always been a writer of some sort. Writers write. Sometimes we think we can’t write, or we simply refuse to write due to some temporary glitch in our software. But write we must.

This blog will be all about writing — not necessarily how to write, as I believe you are either born with the gift or go to school to acquire it — but what it means to be able to put your ideas into some kind of readable form. What it feels like to write, from an insider’s POV. How successful writers do it. How to break through our ancient nemesis, writer’s block.

And: tips from famous writers like Stephen King and Elmore Leonard and Kurt Vonnegut. Spontaneous writing. Writing practice. Natalie Goldberg’s priceless guidebook, Writing Down the Bones.  Writing and meditation. Writing while intoxicated and/or stoned. Why writers drink.

Also: The new, fast-changing digital world of writing and publishing. Writing for the Internet. Creating your own blog. Writing for the fun of it vs. striving for fame and fortune.

Sometimes this blog may veer into satire or parody (which will be noted in case it seems too real), and sometimes I will tell stories about my own writing experiences. I spent years as a successful short story writer (back in the day, a dedicated whiskey drinker as well), and served my time as a world-roaming photo journalist. My years living in France as a decadent American writer-expat; crashing the Cannes Film Festival with fake Rolling Stone credentials; & etc., & etc., & etc.

Buddha at the Sedona Stupa. (photo by Marv Lincoln)
Buddha at the Sedona Stupa
(photo by Marv Lincoln)

Being a writer — even passing yourself off as a writer — has many fringe benefits, including the ability to live in the world as an observer. Conversely, the observer is also the observed, from the inside out, and writing offers the golden opportunity to find out who you really are.

Writing fiction is a special treat, even if you never sell anything. Selling your work need not be the object of your writing practice. In fact, in today’s digital world, anybody can get published — both on the Internet and in print via the many paths of self publishing. When I started out, seeing my work in print — in my case, a daily newspaper — was an incomparable thrill, especially at  age sixteen.

Today, when I finish writing this blog, I can post it on the Internet, and . . . bingo! I am a published writer. It doesn’t really matter if anyone reads it or not. But this blog post will probably live forever in Cyberspace, which may or may not be a good thing, depending on your spiritual orientation.

Won’t you join me on this exciting journey? You are invited . . . and I promise you some exciting times ahead, some valuable tips from the world of writing and writers, and a few surprises on the way. Game on!

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