It’s Your Movie

Back and front cover for successful self-help book


“Marv and [wife] Liberty Lincoln were exactly the ‘angels’ I needed to take my work from a rough manuscript to a beautifully completed, self-published book. … An author needs a team. I found out quickly that I couldn’t do it all, and I really had no experience, so why not use the talents of others?”  Peter Schroeder

PR and Media Campaign
Our work for Peter encompassed the complete package. We also helped with his publicity campaign, arranged book signings and personal appearances, and created a complete press kit for him.  Samples:


November 30                           CONTACT:  Marv Lincoln


Book signing for It’s Your Movie! at
Sedona Books & Music December 9

What if your life were a movie, screening tonight at the multiplex:  Would it be a thrilling human drama, with a lovable hero, plenty of positive events and a heartwarming outcome?  Or would you feel like walking out before the end credits?

Author Peter Schroeder
Author Peter Schroeder

Sedona author Peter Schroeder explores these and other revolutionary ideas in a new book titled It’s Your Movie!  The author will be at Sedona Books & Music on Friday, December 9 starting at 6 p.m. for a book signing and musical celebration.

Schroeder is also a gifted singer-songwriter, and he will be performing several songs from his soon-to-be-released CD during the evening’s festivities.  He said there could be some musical “surprises” during the event.

It’s Your Movie! is Schroeder’s first book.  The movie metaphor?  Says Peter, “Learn ways to take control of the production that is your life, how to write your own script and direct the action, and how to star in a terrific plot.  After all, it’s your movie!” [. . .]

The Campaign

1. Create a press kit

2. Establish you as a personality — musician, performer, teacher, songwriter, community leader, etc.

3. Publishing:  a) Get your Intentional Living column in newspapers, magazines, websites and ezines all over the world; and b) publish a hard copy book based on the columns.

4. Arrange performance dates and venues (at Unity Church and Creative Life Center: “An Evening with Pete Schroeder”).

5. Obtain maximum publicity in local, regional and state media for all performances and activities.  [. . . ]

Press/Media Kit
Program for
It’s Your Movie! Event
At Your Place of Business

Dear Event Planner:

1. The Event —  is primarily a book signing, and much more.  Peter Schroeder, author of the book, is also a singer-songwriter.  He usually begins the evening with a song or two, sometimes with audience participation, and concludes the program with a song.  (The book is bundled with a free CD.)

2.  The Talk — Peter describes what the book is about:  how one’s life is like a movie, and how we can write our own script.  Peter talks about how the book evolved, tells a few anecdotes about the process, and concludes the taking portion of the evening with a q & a session.  Sometimes he will read a paragraph or a page from the book, depending on time limitations.

3.  The Time — The basic program is designed to last an hour or less.  Next come book and CD sales, and book signings.  Because Peter is amiable and loves to reach out to people, audiences sometimes like to linger and talk to him.  This is subject to the constraints of your business and your staff.  Refreshments are often served after the basic program. [. . .]

Peter Schroeder

Peter is an author, singer-songwriter, and seminar leader. His most recent works are the book It’s Your Movie! and the compact disc Let Out the Joy.  In his unique self-help book, Peter uses the art of filmmaking as a metaphor.  The message:  You can create the life you want and the direction it takes.  His CD is a kind of companion piece to the book, echoing many of the life-affirming ideas in the printed work.

Peter - 2Peter has facilitated the growth and awareness of many people through counseling, writing, teaching, and his original songs.  He has also developed and conducted personal growth workshops, and in early 2006 he and his wife, Anne Browning, began leading a series of workshops based on the self-empowerment ideas in the book.

Born in the Chicago suburbs, Peter moved to Nashville to pursue his music career.  There he recorded much of his body of material, and performed in clubs — singing both his own material and covering the songs of other artists.


Generic Press Release – Workshop
It’s Your Movie! workshop slated for [date] at [location]

It’s Your Movie!, a guide on self-empowerment by Sedona author Peter Schroeder, is now a workshop.

On [day & date], Schroeder and his wife Anne Browning will present a seminar based on the ideas in the book.  The event will be held at [location] from * a.m. to * p.m.

A free sneak preview of the event will be held [day & date] at * p.m. at [location].  This will be a fun-filled exploration of  techniques the facilitators use to “help you rewind the film and rewrite your script,” says Schroeder.

“At the Sneak Preview we will demonstrate how life is like a movie and how to look at your own life in those terms.  Is your movie a thrilling human drama filled with action and colorful characters, or would you feel like walking out before the end credits roll?”

During the workshop, participants learn how to change what is not working in their lives, and how to create the life they want by setting their intentions.   “We’ll be using props and costumes  and other tools,” says Schroeder.  “It’s all experiential.  You can play the Hero or Victim and rewrite  your life script!” [. . .]