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Meet a remarkable man: Guitar virtuoso Stanley Jordan has come home

The world-renowned guitarist has been touring extensively the last couple of years, dazzling audiences from Brazil to South Africa to Spain to the United Arab Emirates with his unique musical vision and technical artistry. Now, it looks like he’ll be staying awhile. In Sedona, that is.

One good reason for unpacking the suitcases is that he bought himself a bookstore: Sedona Books & Music, located in Sedona Village. Another reason is that he has felt the calling to reach out and touch people in a more direct way, to spread his musical message as a teacher.

Spiritual messengers celebrate the silence

Deva Premal and Miten, whose singing and graceful presence have enchanted Sedona audiences for years, are taking their show to Scottsdale this season. […]

The duo have certainly come a long way since they started touring about 15 years ago. They have sold more than 500,000 albums to date. They play to packed houses around the world. Accolades for their musical gifts continue to pour in.

And they have demonstrated that the power of mantra is as relevant today as it has been for thousands of years. Mantras are rapidly becoming the music of choice for people seeking solace in sound, and Deva Premal is the voice they’re turning to.

Her soulful rendering of these timeless sounds strikes a powerful chord – whether it’s for a private audience with the Dalai Lama, motivational speaker Anthony Robbins, actress-singer Cher, or in front of hundreds or thousands of adoring fans around the world.

The potent combination of her pure voice and these ancient mantras resonate as powerfully today as they have throughout time. Miten, who plays guitar and often writes the melodies for the mantras, sings harmony and also performs his own songs of celebration.

During their concerts, Deva Premal and Miten — partners in life as well as in music —invite the audience to experience the performance without the customary applause. This creates a deep silence, a connection between performers and audience, that invites stillness and introspection.

The experience is incredibly powerful. Eckhart Tolle, famous Western mystic and bestselling author of “The Power of Now,” calls Deva Premal’s and Miten’s music “Pure magic . . . . It is truly a portal into Presence. As you listen, the sacred space that lies beyond the mind emerges naturally and effortlessly.”


Bob Quick’s radiant realism captures
the essence and life energy of his subjects

The Muse showed up late in life for Sedona artist Bob Quick.

At the age of 56 he started painting—spontaneously and without forethought or purpose. His subject was wolves. The mysterious creative process had kicked in, and Bob Quick’s life took a totally new direction.

He had already lived a nearly complete life as a hard-working civil engineer and surveyor, husband and father of five children. His first wife died in an accident. Bob remarried and he and wife Ruth moved to the Village of Oak Creek in 1990.

Today Bob Quick is well-established locally as a painter of wildlife, Native American people and culture, and Southwest scenery. His work hangs in the Treasure Art Gallery on Hwy. 179 near Sedona’s southern city limits. Although he has many fans and admirers, he is still relatively unknown outside of the area.

But Bob Quick’s time has arrived. At the ripe old age of 74. One look at his work reveals why he is ready for international recognition.


Goldenstein Gallery

Multi-Media art is alive. Unexpected. Transforming. Layered and rich, it changes with the light, suddenly revealing colors and images that weren’t there just a moment before. Multi-Media art is surprising and profound. It may be the oldest medium for artists on Planet Earth. —Kudos Magazine Quarterly Art Guide

Talib: Portrait of the gifted young artist

Creativity is a mysterious and magical process which often cannot be defined in “logical” terms. For Talib, a young artist who creates wondrous water sculptures, creativity is all about an expression of the abundance of the inner and the outer world.

Talib is one of the many talented artists displayed at Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art in Sedona. At the ripe young age of 25, he has already created quite a stir in Sedona art circles.

His water sculptures and crystal fountains are designed to create environments of harmony and relaxation. Water itself is formless, but Talib contains it, shapes it and channels it through vessels of crystal and glass. He harnesses the sound of running water to support an atmosphere of nourishment and well-being.

In his work, Talib brings all the beauty and understanding from his travels and from his own inner process. He uses the highest quality materials to create a vibration of abundance and luxury. […] Talib has just begun tapping his potential as an artist. The qualities he expresses so well — presence, harmony, understanding of beauty — have already touched many people. That an artist can have these qualities, at such a young age, is a very rare happening.