Bell Rock - Ghostly
Photo by Margaret Jackson

“A ghostwriter is a writer who writes books, articles, stories, reports, or other texts that are officially credited to another person.” —Wikipedia

Ghostwriting is much more than that. As your ghostwriter, I am available to rewrite, clean up, or edit your rough draft, write a complete book or document based on your notes or outline, write fiction in your unique style, and do tons of research when required. And YOU get all the credit!

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One of my most successful ghostwriting projects was It’s Your Movie, a self-help book for author, songwriter, and seminar leader Peter Schroeder.   View Project

Another of my ghostwriting projects is now available to the public: Mercer Mohr’s Wild Thyme Tavern Cookbook, produced for an Arizona restaurant chain .  View Project

A challenging yet rewarding ghostwriting job was the spiritual memoir 93 Rolls-Royces. For this hardcover coffee table book, I interviewed the author several times and also worked with his wife to get all the facts and memories right. His wife also served as a kind of stenographer, first recording her talks with her husband, then writing her own rough draft. I then had to rewrite the text in author Peter’s voice (he’s from Chicago), adding my own research to the mix. The result is a unique portrait of one seeker’s life journey and his intimate connection with an enlightened master.  View Project