Over a writing career that spans several decades, I have been involved in countless projects that have been either published or brought to fruition. From published novels to press releases; from magazine articles to publicity campaigns; from plays to speeches to advertisements to multimedia content. At various times I have served as author, editor, ghostwriter and publishing consultant. Following are several examples of my contributions to the world of creativity:

Published Books





(Below: Alternate cover. This sci-fi novel was acquired by Wildside Press and sold under their imprint for several years. Both versions (same text) are available from

Cover by Wildside Press



(Above: a sequel, of sorts, to “I Married a Psychic.” Also available at 

(Above: a book I imagined, ghostwrote, and brought to reality. Hardcover, many color photos. For details, click the Ghostwriting tab on home page.)

Writing Samples

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Feature Articles