Marv Lincoln

by Marv Lincoln

I’ve been in the editing and writing game for decades. Retirement is boring. Now I have left it behind to once again work with people who require the best of both worlds: editing excellence and content writing of the highest quality. I have written on many subjects on various platforms; edited books, articles, website content, software documentation;  published two novels; ghostwritten books; and was CEO and creative director of my own public relations/advertising firm.  Contact me. My years of experience, versatility and peerless skill set might be just what you are looking for. 


Scarlet King cover

Editing is a unique kind of skill that requires a multi-dimensional mindset. What is required: a more than fundamental grasp of the English language; an understanding of the writing craft; and much more.
Clients and employers have a choice of four levels of editing:   structural or substantive, line editing, copyediting and proofreading. For details, Read More



I step into your shoes and write in your voice and style. This book was a collaboration between the author of record, his wife, and myself. It was first offered as a collectors’ item, a hard-cover coffee table book. It is now available at oshoviha.org.  Read More